Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton has been our receptionist since September 2011. Returning to the workplace after being a stay-at-home mother for sixteen years to two wonderful daughters, Jessica has found that being the receptionist is very similar to being a mom. Whether it's answering the phone, helping those who come through the door, planning events, or keeping track of where everyone is (and what they're up to), the correlation is striking! In her free time Jessica likes reading a good book, going for walks in the great Oregon outdoors, and visiting coffeehouses with her husband.

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is our Accounting Clerk. Joining 9Wood with a Bachelor's degree from the California State University School of Business in Pomona and a wealth of business experience from working as an Account Executive at ADP (1989-1991) and as a Bookkeeper at Phil Smith Dental Arts (2000-2011), Jill serves as a knowledgeable member of the Business Management team. She credits some of her greatest training to the twenty-one years she's spent as a wife and a mother, a daily exercise in servant leadership and accountability. When she's not keeping things in order at the office, she enjoys escaping to outdoor adventures, urban exploration, and culinary excursions with her friends and her family.

Hope Arnold

Hope Arnold is our Accounts Payable and Credit Manager. She joined the 9Wood team in late 2005, where she worked in administration and customer service before transitioning to Business Management in the fall of 2007. With an Associate of the Arts degree, and years of writing, administration, and practical experience under her belt, she devotes her time to a wide array of financial tasks. Outside of work, Hope is an avid member of the local theater community, where she writes, paints sets, works backstage, and sometimes even performs.

Vjera Thompson

Vjera Thompson is our Accounting Manager. She was new to the wood ceiling business when she joined 9Wood in autumn of 2005, but quickly learned the financial system and now, having graduated from an "Assistant Bean Counter" role, is managing all day-to-day financial duties. She also finds time to support being "green" by coordinating 9Wood's group bus pass program and managing a bicycle commuter mileage tracking program. She is proud to commute year-round by bicycle and public transit, and in her free time she enjoys being outdoors, gardening, birding, and bicycling with her husband.


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