Scott Hill

Scott Hill works as an Estimator in 9Wood's Sales and Estimating Department. After serving in the Air Force as an F-15 Avionics Technician, Scott served as an associate pastor for 10 years. He has been a part of the 9Wood Sales Team since 2011.

Travis Cherry

After working in Finance and Project Management/Support for Providence Health Plans, Travis returned to his family roots and worked for a short period in residential construction prior to joining 9Wood in January, 2013. As our most recent addition to the Estimating Team, Travis is known for his appreciation of the finer things in life — such as Dari Mart Apple Fritters, Slurpees and Gummy Bears.

Becky Taylor

Becky Taylor serves as the 9Wood Estimating department supervisor. Becky lived in Alaska working for the State Parks & Recreation and living in the Alaskan Bush building a remote resort. Upon moving back to Oregon in 1987 she spent time with her husband & three children, traveling, raising llamas and working in the family General Construction Business specialized in custom design & construction for residential and small commercial with an emphasis in Timber Frame. She also worked for another wood ceiling company as an independent drafter. Becky has been with 9Wood since 2008.



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