Leo Batenhorst

Leo Batenhorst leads our Sales and Marketing efforts. He originally entered the field in 1999 in project management and served as head of our project management for several years before transitioning to sales. A background in teaching, supported by an MDiv and an MS in Mathematics, is a testament to Leo's solid commitment to customers and reps alike. In his spare time, Leo enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities with his family and learning how to text message fast enough to keep up with his daughters.

Svetlana Evans

Svetlana came to us from Ukraine. Trained as a mechanical engineer in that country, she moved to the United States in 2003 and pursued the career she has always wanted. In 2010, she graduated from Oregon State with degrees in Accountancy and Finance. Shortly thereafter, she joined 9Wood as our Financial Manager. When she isn't hip-deep in budgets and compensation data, she enjoys walking her dogs along Albany's Oak Creek or exploring the wild west with her husband.

Jonathan Warner

Jonathan Warner brings a strong background in wood ceiling manufacturing. Starting on the shop floor in 1995, Jonathan rose through the ranks to eventually lead the critical Finishing Department and Custom Stains. Tapped for his product knowledge and detail orientation, Jonathan was promoted to Project Management in 2000. His passion for "earned optimism" and digging out the details, twin keys to successful project management, made him a very successful Project Manager. He currently employs his considerable talents as our Operations Manager, while continuing to apply his time-tested experience towards perfecting our MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) infrastructure.

Charley Coury

Charley Coury serves 9Wood as General Manager. Charley put himself through school as a painting contractor following a career in wine-making. After a 7 year stint in Morocco, he entered the wood ceilings business in 1991. He wore two hats: marketing from the office and lacquering in the shop. He has witnessed the dramatic growth of the specialty wood ceiling niche over the last 20 years. Charley is tasked to keep 9Wood's staff focused on meeting our customer's design through delivery needs.

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