Jared Hass

Jared comes to 9Wood with 16 years of experience in the motor coach industry. Starting off on the production floor, he eventually worked his way up to Senior Engineering Technician/Supervisor in the engineering department. Now, as the newest member of the 9Wood R&D team, Jared acts as 9Wood's manufacturing engineer, bridging the divide between engineering and production.

Nathan Pfeifer

Nathan Pfeifer heads our Research and Development Department, and not without a studied experience in wood ceilings. Taking an uncommon but exceptional path to Engineering, Nathan began his career on the shop floor in 2000. Marshalling a personal drive to grow and learn, Nathan mastered the skills of AutoCAD drafting and engineering to rise to the position of Head of Engineering, but he didn't stop there. Now he utilizes his wealth of knowledge as the leader of Research and Development, a key part of 9Wood's commitment to continue to innovate, always staying on the cutting edge of design and function. Outside of work, Nathan likes to spend his time whitewater kayaking and mountain biking.

Andrew Coury

Andrew started his career in the R&D department as a summer intern, while pursuing his mechanical engineering degree at Purdue University. After graduating, he returned to Oregon to become a permanent member of the 9Wood family. Andrew brings the knowledge and skills of his studies to the R&D team, which has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company.

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