2100  Panelized Linear
2200  Lay-In Linear
2300  Continuous Linear
2400  T & G Linear
2500  T & G Splay Linear
2600  Flush Joint Linear
2700  Kerf Reveal Linear

2100 Panelized Linear

2200 Lay-In Linear

2300 Continuous Linear

2400 T & G Linear

2500 T & G Splay Linear

2600 Flush Joint Linear

2700 Kerf Reveal Linear

Tongue-and-grooved linear wood was traditionally toe-nailed to ceiling rafters. 9Wood has perfected the installation of linear wood in commercial wood ceilings, bringing the functional advantages of modern construction with it. Panelized or individual planks, open reveals or closed reveals, sound reflective or sound absorptive, solid or veneered, narrow or wide: a virtually limitless palette of designs are available to architects. A special example is our award winning "floor-on-a-ceiling" 2600 flush-joint linear style (a "they told us it couldn't be done" product).

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