3100  Acoustic Plank
3200  Acoustic Tile

3100 Acoustic Plank

3200 Acoustic Tile

Managing sound is a central concern of wood ceiling design. A common solution is to create openings in the otherwise reflective wood surface. Sound absorbing fiberglass is placed as a backing over these openings. The 3000 Acoustic Wood series offers another resolution to this acoustic design question. It employs our patented method of fiberglass capsules inserted into the wood panel. Fine grooves which open into the fiberglass capsules are milled into the panel face. A variety of attachment methods are used to suspend the Acoustic Wood series. Individual Acoustic Planks (3100) are suspended like our linear ceilings, and provide the color variation typical of a linear ceiling. The panelized Acoustic Tile (3200) is suspended from commercial T-Bar using any of the Wood Tile attachment methods: Tegular Edge, Lift & Lock™, Torsion Spring, XL Channel. Acoustic Tiles can be "framed" with a non-grooved border or left "un-framed" with matching edge banding. On-center spacing of the groove can also be modified if required.


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