The 9Wood Modular Cube offers a cell wood ceiling look in a modular or tiled appearance. The 6100 Modular Cube style hangs from and is accented by either 15/16" T-Bar grid or 9/16" T-Bar grid. Members are typically solid wood, but veneers are substituted in some applications.

The Modular Cube is used in ceilings where a large percent opening is desired. The vertical member orientation creates a cut-off angle, which highlights the beauty of wood while hiding the plenum. Access is achieved by lift, shift and removal. In seismic areas, safety tie-off wires may be required.

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6100 Modular Cube (click links to download CAD details)

Cube Depth Cell Size (length and width)
3" 4" 6"
1 3/8" 6112-3 6112-4 6112-6
2 1/4" 6113-3 6113-4 6113-6
3 1/4" 6114-3 6114-4 6114-6

NOTE: If the CAD details for your preferred product are not available, please let us know and we will get them to you as soon as possible.

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  • 6600

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